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Specialized departments can seem like silos, while in-depth analysis can feel esoteric. Our Market Intelligence division brings together the insights of Fundstrat’s various departments, presenting you with regularly published sector, market, and news overviews, while tying it all to our reason for being – evidence-based, emotion-free research to help you navigate the markets – so that you never miss a beat.

Our Publications

First To Market

Our First to Market daily note blends just-the-facts, before-opening-bell news with an overview of developing stories for a compelling picture of world markets in a compact, hard-hitting frame. We filter through the noise to bring you a real feel for the day's financial pulse.

  • A detailed view of the most pivotal financial happenings of the day, to keep you in the loop
  • Real-time price movements and analysis to help you gauge market sentiment
  • The futures insights and market trends you need to know to make informed decisions
  • Coverage of significant geopolitical events and their potential market impact
  • A list of essential events every investor should know about to navigate the markets effectively
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Signal From Noise

In a world brimming with data on technologies, companies, industries, and trends, SFN is a beacon of clarity and herald of opportunity. Amid the market’s cacophony, we hear the signal and amplify it in service of your sound investment decisions.

  • In-depth analysis of current macro trends, helping you see the bigger picture
  • Handpicked pivotal stocks that play an integral role in the market's narrative
  • Various inputs – e.g. supply chains, distribution networks, development strategies – examined
  • Examination of consumer and market behavior
  • Clear, actionable insights rooted in complex market data and trend analysis

Sample Reports

Skip to the AI Beat

Stripe’s payment volume surged 25% to $1 trillion last year; business was cash-flow positive in 2023, revenue-automation now a ‘giant part’ of it

March 14, 2024
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Fundstrat Team

Artificial Intelligence

“AI can benefit humanity in the form of free doctors, free tutors, free education, more media and entertainment, better wealth advisors and lawyers, more robotics, better digital health, better materials design; much better resource discovery: lithium, cobalt, nickel...

February 22, 2024
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Fundstrat Team

Latest Publications

Beyond Nvidia: Recent Developments in the Semiconductor Industry

The U.S. and Chinese government have at least one thing in common – a strong belief in the strategic geopolitical and economic importance of the semiconductor industry. Authorities in Beijing on May 28, 2024 announced a fresh subsidization...

June 20, 2024

Rising Above Storm Clouds – Investments Related to Natural-Disaster Response and Recovery

The U.S. Memorial Day holiday marks the all-but-official beginning of summer. For most Americans, summer means beach vacations, barbecues, and baseball – fun in the sun. However, summer is also a time for natural disasters – for hurricanes,...

June 6, 2024

It’s Electric!: Investing in U.S. Power in an Age of AI and EVs

After the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) finalized a 1,363-page transmission rule to accelerate the green-energy buildout last week, developers of renewable energy are more ready than ever to participate in the multi-decade, climate-focused initiative. In 2021, Princeton...

May 24, 2024

The Good-News-Bad-News Continuum

Fed minutes show disagreement over slowing balance-sheet runoff, agreement on holding rate target range steady at 5.25% to 5.50% for longer (Barron’s)

May 23, 2024

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