Portfolio Strategy - Thomas J. Lee, CFA

Our goal is to elevate a blend of qualitative analysis and quantitative methodologies into the art and science of investing. Focusing on earnings reports, sector weightings, sub-industries, and thematic stocks, our research carves a strategic pathway to optimized returns while effectively managing risk. Trust our portfolio strategy to equip you with a competitive edge in a nuanced investment environment.

About the Strategist

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Thomas J. Lee, CFA – Co-Founder, Head of Research

Thomas Lee is a Managing Partner and the Head of Research at Fundstrat Global Advisors. He is an accomplished Wall Street strategist with over 25 years of experience in equity research, and has been top ranked by Institutional Investor every year since 1998. Prior to co-founding Fundstrat, he served as J.P. Morgan’s Chief Equity Strategist from 2007 to 2014, and previously as Managing Director at Salomon Smith Barney.

Our Approach

Sector-Weighting Expertise

  • Detailed breakdowns of sector strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommendations on sector-specific allocations
  • Predictive analysis of sectoral shifts

Sub-Industry Nuances

  • In-depth analysis of various sub-industries within major sectors
  • Identifying sub-industry leaders and laggards
  • Tailored portfolio positioning based on sub-industry dynamics

Theme-Driven Investing

  • Insights into prevailing market themes
  • Recommendations on thematic stock choices
  • Analysis of potential market disruptors and innovations

Thematic Stock Insights

  • Comprehensive reviews of stocks poised to capitalize on key themes
  • Evaluations based on growth potential and risk factors
  • Strategy alignment to harness thematic stock advantages

Earnings Report Analytics

  • Detailed breakdown of company earnings reports
  • Predictive insights based on earnings surprises and patterns
  • Post-earnings recommendations for portfolio adjustments

Asset Allocation

  • Tactical and strategic asset allocation recommendations
  • Analysis based on risk tolerance and investment horizons
  • Incorporating global macro trends for optimal asset positioning

Risk-Management Techniques

  • Tools and strategies to hedge portfolios effectively
  • Assessing and balancing portfolio volatility
  • Insights into currency risks and hedging strategies

Growth vs. Value Dynamics

  • Insights into the ongoing tug-of-war between growth and value investing
  • Recommendations based on market cycles
  • Tailored strategies to capitalize on either paradigm

International Diversification

  • Analysis of global investment opportunities and risks
  • Recommendations for geographically diverse portfolios
  • Insights into currency risks and hedging strategies.

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