Quantamental Strategy

Fundstrat’s quantamental strategy merges the quantitative with the fundamental, delivering an unparalleled synthesis of data-driven insights and expert analysis. Whether you're navigating sector dynamics, ETF choices, economic indicators, or the labyrinth of rates and fixed income markets, our quantamental approach ensures you're well-equipped. Drive your investment strategy with the power of sophisticated analytics and seasoned expertise.

About the Strategist

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Ken Xuan, CFA , FRM – Head of Data Science

Ken Xuan is the Head of Data Science at Fundstrat Global Advisors, where he optimizes and tests Fundstrat’s proprietary portfolio models. He also manages and maintains Fundstrat’s cryptocurrency and blockchain databases. Ken began his career as an operations strategy consultant with West Monroe Partners. Ken holds B.S. degrees in Management and Economics from Purdue University and an M.S. degree in Operations Research from Columbia University.

Our Approach

Precision Sector Weighting

  • Comprehensive quantitative analysis seeking to discern sector momentum
  • Tailored advice for optimal sector allocation based on real-time data

ETF Selection

  • Analysis of ETF performance across varying market conditions
  • Data-driven recommendations for timely ETF choices

Inflation Tracking

  • Quantitative insights into inflation trends and predictions
  • Strategies for positioning portfolios potentially impacted by inflationary pressures

Economic Indicator Monitoring

  • In-depth tracking of key economic indicators and their implications
  • Predictive analytics to anticipate market shifts based on these indicators

Earnings Report Analytics

  • Comprehensive tracking of earnings reports beat vs. misses
  • Quantitative insights to gauge potential stock reactions post-earnings

Rates and Fixed Income Analysis

  • Quantitative evaluation of interest rate shifts and their market implications
  • Strategies for navigating fixed-income markets based on real-time data

Granny Shots Stock Lists

  • Curated lists of high-probability stock picks
  • Stock selection driven by a combination of data analytics and deep fundamental analysis

Fixed Income Market Dynamics

  • Expert analysis of prevailing fixed income trends
  • Market insights to capitalize on or hedge against these trends

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