At Fundstrat, we specialize in providing comprehensive financial research and cutting-edge tools for institutional, RIA, wealth management, and individual clients. Gain an outperforming edge by getting access to our suite of services.

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Harnessing our five-pillar research strategy — Macro, Technical, Portfolio, Quantamental, and Digital Assets—we cater to diverse financial entities. From large institutions to RIAs and individual investors, our rigorous, evidence-based analysis paves the way for insightful decision-making, ensuring every strategy remains agile and relevant in an ever-evolving market.

Market Updates

Stay ahead of the curve with our intraday market commentaries. As markets wax and wane, our real-time dispatches keep you informed, deciphering critical market movements and events, so you're never left in the lurch.


Dive deep into the financial realm with daily videos that clarify complex macro and technical narratives. Our media offerings, enriched by webinars with industry frontrunners and visionary forecasters, are designed to empower you with an advantaged perspective.

Client Calls and Q&As

Ensuring seamless synergy between our insights and your strategies, our dedicated sales team stands ready to coordinate client calls with our analysts. These sessions are designed as in-depth discussions of our views and findings, allowing clients to align our research with their unique strategies and targets.

Sector Analysis

At the intersection of macro strategies, ETF themes, and incisive technical analysis, our proprietary sector model stands tall. We dissect and predict sector rotations and nuances, arming you with the intelligence to maximize your portfolio's efficiency and returns.

Actionable Ideas

Seizing the right opportunity is paramount. With our meticulously curated stock lists and actionable insights, we offer you the tools to get ahead of consensus. Rooted in real-time market dynamics and overarching themes, our suggestions are your strategic edge.

Bespoke Research

Every financial journey is unique. Consequently, we offer research solutions tailored to your specific requirements. By leveraging our deep Wall Street expertise, we craft bespoke analyses that resonate with your distinct objectives and vision.

Client Portal

When it comes to leveraging our research, we understand the importance of easy access and seamless navigation. We offer a comprehensive library of tools designed to help you swiftly locate pertinent information and follow our strategic recommendations.

Client Passes

Elevate your professional collaborations and buttress your status as a thought leader by sharing expertise and fortifying alliances through our range of webinars, from guest speakers to technical deep-dives.

Powered by Fundstrat

Collaborating with Fundstrat is more than just market insights – it’s a badge of credibility. We empower clients to confidently declare that their decisions are powered by Fundstrat's research. By integrating our logo into communications, clients showcase their commitment to excellence.

Co-Branded Reports

We recognize the value of branding and customer loyalty. To this end, we offer our clients the unique opportunity to release co-branded reports. By combining our research and insights with your brand, these reports enhance your brand’s credibility and reputation.

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